Monday, December 15, 2003

Tony Blur

Ahhhh, those lovely throthy-mouthed Fox News fans over the pond have set up a website for everyone to thank Tony Blair for supporting the US in its war on terror. This isn't enough for some apparently - they want Tony to stick up for Israel too. Now they're pushing their luck. It dawned on me today that there have been few suicide bombers in Israel for a while (none for over a month in fact) and yet over a hundred Palestinians have died within that time. I thought that the Israelis said that they'd stop the killing if the Palestinians did first? Just today on the news there was a story of two unarmed Palestinians being shot dead as they tried to climb over a fence and get into Israel. It all seems to be a bit of a turkey-shoot to me. And people want Tony Blair to support that on my behalf? Nah thanks, Tony, keep your mouth shut and don't get involved, unless its to bring about peace in the region. You've got enough blood on your hands already, mate.

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