Wednesday, December 17, 2003

No More Heroes?

The Libertines may be without a frontman for a while, after their singer/guitarist Peter Doherty admitted to breaking into co-frontman Carl Barat's house in July last year and nicking a load of his gear. He's been warned that a jail sentence is a distinct possibility.

The Libertines really grabbed my imagination with the superb album Up The Bracket which was released about 18 months ago (?). Just when I thought proper English music was dead, the death rattle stops, the corpse gets up, grabs a guitar and rocks its tits off. Although probably destined to remain a cult phenomenon because of their limited international accessability, I'll always love them for that 60's bohemian feel to their music and the times-past lyrics (they often pay homage to Pink Floyd starter-upper Syd Barrett, amongst others). I know that nostalgia ain't what it used to be, but the public weren't about to go for another Oasis-esque pastiche, so really you've got to admire their balls. Its just a shame that Doherty may have screwed it up for everyone out of a rush of shit to the brain. Rock and roll. Don'tcha just love it?

Late News - The band would appear to be conducting business as usual according to this Guardian review. Somebody explain whats going on with these guys. Its a beautiful relationship that Doherty and Barat have, but so unstable and unpredictable.

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