Monday, December 15, 2003

Those Pesky All-Singing, All-Dancing Mobiles

Mobile technology is getting (quite literally) out of hand. I remember when mobile phones were primarily for making telephone calls, but it appears that the likes of Nokia aren't satisfied, they need a further challenge. Recently we've witnessed the release of the Nokia Ngage, a mobile which you can play multiplayer games on. Its like a Gameboy but you have to make yourself look a fool when it rings and you have to hold it to your ear and talk to it. Now, Toshiba have announced a phone with a hard drive fitted to it (thanks go to JFury for the story). What is going on? If you want to listen to music, you buy an mp3 or CD player, for games you invest in a Gameboy or a similar gadget, and for telephone calls you buy a mobile phone. Combinations of the two or three should be outlawed as a misuse of cutting-edge technology.

Please don't encourage these greedy manufacturers by spending your hard-earned cash on things that you don't need, or think that you do but later find how impractical they are. End of pet-hate rant ;)

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