Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Know Your Nuts

Did you know that its possible to get totally wrecked on peanuts? If you didn't, join the club. I love peanuts, especially the little pip-thingies - does that bit have a name?? Anyway, back to the thread. The following is an extract from the Kankof website (thanks to them for this information):

The thin brown skins found around the average peanut contains psychoactive substances. The only raw substance needed for this procedure is a bag of peanuts, it is better to choose fresh peanuts that have no added chemicals such as preservatives found in the commercial 'peanut bags', these could be harmful to your health. Remove the skins from the peanuts, a handful will be enough, and if they are salted soak them in a glass of water so that the salt is dissolved. Dry the peanut shells by placing them on a towel underneath a lamp. For use roll the crumbled shells in rolling paper and smoke.

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