Sunday, December 25, 2005

Iraqis Order the Re-Arrest of Mrs Anthrax and Dr Germ

(Doh, thats another fine mess you've gotten US into.....)

The Iraqi government has called for the re-arrest of biological weapons scientists Mrs Anthrax and Dr Germ, after their release earlier this week, following almost 3 years of captivity by US forces in Iraq.

The two - real names Huda Ammash and Rihab Taha - were released to a 'safe country' less than a week ago after the Americans said that they posed no threat, but Iraqi officials want them re-captured.

The pair were part of a 22 person group released in what is suspected as a pre-election deal to keep Sunni Arabs appeased. A lawyer speaking on behalf of Mrs Ammash said that she was abroad as per the release agreement and dismissed the threat.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Mrs Anthrax and Dr Germ Released by US Forces in Iraq

Eight former members of Saddams government, including Mrs Anthrax and Dr Germ, otherwise known as Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash and Rihab Taha, have been released by the US after nearly 3 years in custody.

Some of the former aides were accused of being part of Iraqs old biological weapons programme, none of which has ever been found. They are no longer considered a security threat and so have been released to Jordan, considered to be a 'safe' country.

Some are saying that the move is part of a pre-election deal designed to placate Sunni Arabs in Iraq. Dr Taha was educated in the UK and Mrs Ammash in the US prior to them working for Saddam.


Wikipedia Founder Apparently 'Shot Dead' in Kennedy-Conspiracy Killing

Jimmy Wales, the founder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia, has been shot dead by a friend of John Seigenthaler, the person recently linked to the Kennedy assassinations within the website, for which Wikipedia had to apologise.

The London Times, and Wikipedia itself, broke the news of the murder, reporting that a friend of Seigenthaler entered the Wales house "wearing a mask, he [sic] shot him three times in the head and ran". It seems, however, that the news of the murder was used to demonstrate Wikipedia's inaccuracies, as Wales seems very much alive.