Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The Other Big Catch Of The Week

Got him. Ian Huntley has, as most people expected, been found guilty of the murder of 10-year old friends Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. How that animal thought he would get away with it (by declaring that it was an accident) is anyones guess. How I feel for the parents of those two girls. As a parent myself, I can imagine in some form what the Wells and Chapman family have and are going through. We can only hope that they can use Huntleys conviction as a watershed and start to put their lives back together again. The will to carry on must take such a bashing when someone experiences all of this, but I'm sure friends and family pull together when they most need to.

Its just a shame that Huntley, who has a long life ahead of him, will be sitting around a prison cell that looks more like a room at a Travel Lodge, with TV, video, en-suite bathroom, computer and telephone (like the Lockerbie bomber has, the poor murderous asshole) - unless he's more successful next time when he attempts suicide. Some would say let him do it, I say no. He wants to die, so don't give him what he wants. Make his life a slow, miserable, meaningless process, where he suffers for what he's done and has time to contemplate his evil. I'm not a believer in getting some sort of sadistic revenge on him, and I certainly don't believe in the death penalty, but I DO believe in justice and punishment. He better not ever be released. For once, make life mean LIFE.

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