Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Iran Crisis: Defending The Government In The Face Of Hypocracy And Ignorance

Speaking as an ex- serviceman who served in the Persian Gulf while in the Royal Navy, it really knots my stomach to see pussies such as the chattering suits over at The Business, idiots who seem to be unaware of the saying 'pride comes before a fall', declare how the 15 service personnel arrested by Iranian Revolutionary Guards should have resisted arrest by opening fire on their would-be captors:

"British – not American – forces were probably targeted by the Iranians because American rules of engagement, rightly, place an obligation on their military to defend themselves while Britain’s politically-correct, European-style rules are designed to avoid escalation."

What total bullshit. What do these 'commentators think they know about 'rules of engagement'? How do they think they'd fair at fighting off half a dozen patrol boats armed with rocket launchers and sub-machine guns, using just side-arms and SA-80 assault rifles? Having the wrong opinion is sometimes worse than having no opinion at all. If these idiots had their way we'd be in a full-blown war now - easy to encourage if you're not the ones fighting it.

Almost as dumb is the shameless Daily Mail. It expresses similar testosterone sentiments but for reasons it apparently doesn't understand itself:

"Of course, Britain should respond in the most vigorous way possible. Sanctions against Iran should be beefed up and more support from the EU and UN enlisted.

But the bitter fact remains, as Stephen Glover points out on this page, that the Iranians know they will get away with it because there is little that Britain can effectively do."

So we should respond vigorously even though we cannot effectively do anything. Why? Just to make us feel a little better by stepping out from behind the US and shaking our fist? Is that how sad we have become?

The diplomatic approach, while not particularly macho and not necessarily justified, is the only way at this time. Yes the Iranian leadership are playing games and yes we have every justification at being angry, but war or a hostage situation is not what we need. We need to punch smart and know our limits. Yes, the US would have simply attacked Iran over this had the personnel been American, but look at the mess they've already made in Iraq. We need to get our people home and then work to diffuse the situation in the Middle East. If any of you want war, please sign up for the Army and get your sorry asses out to Iraq. This is not a game, it is real. Nobody wins in the next war.

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