Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blair is on a mission from God?

Extracts taken from a report posted on the Information Liberation website:

When Sir Christopher Meyer, Britain's former ambassador to Washington, published his memoirs DC Confidential 18 months ago, Tony Blair reportedly called him "a complete prick".

A turnaround: in 1997, No 10 sent Meyer to the US with instructions to "get up the arse of the White House and stay there". And for the most part, the ex-diplomat's book protected Blair's reputation: although the PM had little appetite for detail, he said, and a penchant for "ball-crushingly tight trousers", criticisms were saved for other ministers.

So Downing Street residents are unlikely to be tossing ticker tape over an interview that Sir Christopher's wife, Lady Catherine Meyer has granted Whitehall and Westminster World magazine, in which she mentions the famously testy subject of Blair and George Bush's shared Christianity.

"They are both very religious and I believe that they both feel that what they are doing - especially Blair - is what God wants them to do and that God has chosen their way," says Lady Meyer, a Conservative who (regardless of the Meyers' pillow talk) had opportunity to observe both leaders closely. "This is why they bonded immediately."

She adds: "Blair started talking about getting rid of Saddam Hussein way before September 11 ... in 1998. So I think that on Iraq he was more ready than Bush, who only really came into this conversation after 9/11."

Lady Meyer goes on to accuse Blair's government of "astounding hypocrisy". One senses the end of a special relationship.

So Blair wanted Iraq invaded because of divine inspiration? Is the former British colony of Zimbabwe, currently dying a death of a thousand cuts thanks to Robert Mugabe, any less worthy? These religious leaders, bearing in mind they are apparently in direct daily contact with God, sure are inconsistent.

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