Friday, February 09, 2007

Why The Bush Approval Ratings Will Fall No Further

President Bush is riding low at the moment, with approval ratings at just 32% - just 26% for how he is handling Iraq - and apparently he is still in a downward spin. You'd assume that he still has some way to go before these ratings bottom out, in which case you might be suprised to find that these figures are unlikely to sink much further. Why? Because roughly 30% of the American people will approve of him no matter what. Nixon bottomed out at 28%, even during Watergate, and why? Because approximately 30% of Americans can be fooled all the time; 30% are blind to reality and hold on tighter to their beliefs the worse things get. So if you're waiting for George Bush's rating to continue going down in the hope that the extra overwhelming public opinion will lead to impeachment or resignation, forget it. The current 70% or so is the maximum level of dissatisfaction that we are likely to see, so those citizens better get a lot louder or smarter if they want to bring about change, cos they ain't getting any bigger.

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