Monday, February 12, 2007

Examples Of Failed Petitions On The 10 Downing Street Website

PM Tony Blair recently took UK democracy forward by providing a facility for members of the public to submit petitions which others could lend their support to. Presumably if a petition receives enough signatories it will then have some bearing on future government policy or lawmaking.

I noticed that, sadly, many seemingly worthy petitions have been rejected for no good reason and I am therefore strongly considering raising a petition myself in order to bring the matter to the Prime Ministers urgent attention. Here are some of the best (all genuine, go check!):

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to…

....ask his wife to wear a burka more often. a large inpenetrable fence around Hull to protect the surrounding areas from those people.

....agree to allowing trolls to live under every bridge in London.

....give freedom to Tooting.

....attend PMQ's in a clown outfit and greasepaint.

....ban broccoli as an edible foodstuff and reclassify it as a toxic substance.

....provide every person of 70 years of age with a grey squirrel.

....invade France and hence provide us with a war we can all get behind.

....impose a maximum weight limit for women wearing stiletto heels as they pose a massive threat to other members of the public on dance floors and in crowded bars nationwide.

....endorse a scheme that would see the child benefit scheme extended to cats.

....force terrestrial television newsreaders to wear underpants on their head. stop numpties creating Petitions and posting them on internet forums.

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