Monday, October 29, 2007

War With Iran Or World War III?

It seems that the Bush administration, and virtually the entire US political/military system, is now a runaway train, moving at full pace down a track of its own design and making. Whether its the use of unilateral sanctions, the labelling of the Iranian Republican Guard as a terrorist organisation, mysterious Israeli air raids on Syrian soil, US missing nukes (the list goes on), it seems the US leadership has its twitchy trigger finger at the ready and is praying for the Iranians to make a wrong move (and, after some length of time no excuse is presented to them they'll simply create one).

When the US invaded Iraq in 2003 it was seen as a localised war, ie. Gulf War II, the US vs. Iraq, nothing more and nothing less. So how come the impending clash with Iran is being touted as World War III? This suggests that the powerful and mighty in Washington are well aware that by taking on Iran they'll be taking on a whole lot more. If this is so, why do they remain so keen to continue down this route? Why is it that these people talk of the prospect of global warfare with so much enthusiasm and joy? Is it really war with one nation that they want or something far wider and more dangerous? If it really is a world conflict they desire, for what reason?

Bearing in mind the strong religious ties the Bush administration has and also bearing in mind the religious rights wish for global warfare in order to fulfil their 'prophecies', should the reigns of power not be taken off them before they take us over the brink? At a certain level I believe there is an opposition of sorts at work trying to at least thwart attempts at hitting Iran (eg. the military whistle-blowers who may have prevented some kind of nuclear false flag operation, timed to occur when the Israelis struck out at the mysterious facility in Syria) but more is needed. The media need to get more proactive along with the politicians. Brave individuals are trying valiantly to hold the wall but they can't do it all. Democracy has been taken away and, although the majority are blissfully unaware, has been replaced by a dictatorship. We live in dangerous times and the American people are sleepwalking into a disaster much like the citizens of Germany in the 1930's.

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