Monday, April 25, 2005

Russian Man Wakes Up with Knife Stuck in Face

A man living in central Russia, Artur Dzhavanyan, awoke with a headache after a drinking session and discovered that it wasn't the booze causing the pain but a 35cm knife sticking out of his face.

He says that the day before he had been drinking with a friend at his house and they got into an argument, after which Dzhavanyan went to bed. An hour later he got up and looked in the mirror, only to see the knife embedded just below his left eye.

With the weapon still stuck in his head, he went next door to ask for help. An ambulance was immediately called and he underwent a 40 minute operation. He says that he will not press charges, saying that he would prefer to punish his friend himself.

For the not-so-squeamish, see some photos here.


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